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Mission Statement

Quality, Organization, Process, People

Enable your quality, service and leadership focused organization by strengthening strategy, leadership, business / organization transformation and continuous improvement competencies in order to shape, develop and deliver profitable and sustainable business.

Change Management Consulting

Carpe Momentum Advisory accompanies people and companies to prepare for a world that nobody knows yet. I ensure that change takes place and help those involved along the way. In practical terms, this means designing a change process strategically and with planning and consciously dealing with uncertainties and unknown variables.

In my work, I always keep an eye on the social system – but I absolutely do not understand myself as mere cultural advisors. On the contrary! I am a specialist from many different disciplines. This is how I ensure sound expertise and innovative solutions.

Change consulting means co-creation for me. Together with my customers, I develop concepts and measures. I am also at their side in the implementation and deal with situations that regularly pop up when change occurs. I consider myself as a sparring partner who helps to clear away stones and to overcome hurdles. Top Management or Shopfloor – I speak your language!

Examples on how I can add value to your organization:

  • Support the development and deployment of new processes / tools
  • Identify risks and opportunities for service improvement
  • Enable collaboration among subject matter experts, particularly IT ↔ Business
  • Continuous improvement driver and facilitator
  • Enable and facilitate cross group and single group business analysis
  • Lead and facilitate complex process or project and program improvement efforts
  • Support efficient integration of new regulatory requirements
  • Lead, coordinate & facilitate cross team business transformation effort
  • Support execution of cross team / group projects or programs
  • Empower and support employees, (senior) leaders and individuals alike

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Coaching as Success Factor

Whether a single team or peer coaching, it is usually about a concrete challenge to work on. Lighting up the situation in a process from different sides as well as skillful questioning can make the solution sought appear. Either in a coaching session or in a longer coaching process – depending on the initial situation, I decide together what is right for you. I am fast to find the right coaching for your situation.

From my point of view, coaching is also an integral part in the personality development of employees and executives, and beyond that they are an incubator for new ideas. My coaching is based on many years of specialist and managerial experience.

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Advance Through Training

Of course, the empowerment of employees and executives is an essential element of our work: Whether you are looking for standard training, you need special curricula tailored to your needs or want to convey ad-hoc skills in the context of change projects.

It is important to me that trainings not only convey content and methods, but are also exciting and fun. In doing so, I am always close to the work context of the respective group and make sure that the lessons learned are practically anchored.

The empowerment of your employees is a major building block in your change process.

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Moderation | Workshops | Event Moderation

Your in-house resources are the people who should participate as much as possible in a discussion or workshop. A good moderator is quickly accepted, understands the concerns of their target audience, recognizes personal qualities of the participants, and moderates them along a group-dynamic process to the desired or deliberately open-ended result.
In change processes, a moderator in the team is a real joker. They intervene when conversations are frustrated or ideas degenerate into blind action-ism. They moderate through lulls and help to straighten out emotional moments. Even in top management workshops or project meetings, our moderators are always perceived as a gain.

For large groups, there are profitable formats such as World Café and Open Space Technology.

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Change Management Consulting

Quality Change Management Consulting Services

Change Management Consulting

Quality Change Management Consulting Services for Your Business

I am a senior change management consulting freelancer. I specialize in guiding organizations through the change process with precision and care given that the future is constantly evolving and full of uncertainties, my expertise helps you prepare. In my high-value added and quality consulting services I focus on people, processes, organization, and quality.
As an experienced change management consultant, I provide innovative and effective solutions. To emphasize my services include identification of risks and opportunities for service improvement, business analysis, and facilitation of complex process improvement efforts. Working closely with your subject matter experts to ensure continuous improvement and efficient integration of new (regulatory) requirements. What’s more I offer coordination and facilitation of business transformation efforts.

Carpe Momentum Advisory works collaboratively with my clients to develop concepts and measures that meet their unique needs. My consulting services empower and support employees, senior leaders, and individuals alike. I’ll be there with you during the implementation stage, providing support and guidance as you navigate the complexities of change.

With a focus on quality, organization, process, and people, I provide exceptional change management consulting services. In short choose Carpe Momentum Advisory to help you seize the moment, no matter where you are in your organization.

Customized Change Management Consulting Services for Your Business

Even more Carpe Momentum Advisory offers customized services that cater to the unique needs of your business. As a senior consultant I will work closely with you to identify and prioritize the areas of change that require attention. We’ll design change processes strategically and plan with care to minimize any risks associated with the change. Of course I will ensure that your business is well-positioned to takes advantage of any opportunities that arise as a result of the change.
The consulting services can be tailored to support any aspect of change management, from organizational design to process improvement, and everything in between.

For this reasing I am using a range of tools and techniques to facilitate change. This includes stakeholder engagement, communication planning, risk management, and performance measurement.

Carpe Momentum Advisory customizes its change management consulting services to meet your specific needs. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that the change process is seamless, effective, and sustainable.

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