Aware Leadership

Aware Leadership

Aware Leadership | Core Offering

Supporting Your Leadership Excellence

At the core of Carpe Momentum Advisory™ is the offer of the rich leadership body of knowledge and practice. A set of leadership functions and factors to enrich leaders with, in a way, a full set of capabilities. Unquestionably Aware Leadership is extending mindful leadership by deepened understanding and reflection. Expanding skillful effort and evenness and extending appropriate communication, action and livelihood.

Aware Leadership Relationship with Emotional Intelligence

Undoubtedly Carpe Momentum Advisory™ provides leadership excellence through the Aware Leadership factors and functions. This promotes a high level of emotional intelligence and provides a sound leadership function tool kit. Subsequently these components enable you to excel as a leader by fostering focus, creativity, clarity, and compassion.

Likewise Aware Leadership extends current mindful leadership by offering a full set of capabilities to enrich leaders. The functions and factors deepen your understanding and reflection, expand skillful effort and evenness, and extend appropriate communication, action and livelihood. As a matter of fact by incorporating these functions and factors, you can lead more effectively and with greater awareness.

Emotional Intelligence vs. Aware Leadership

After all Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and understand your emotions, which in turn allows you to manage those emotions more effectively. High-performing leaders in today’s business world possess emotional intelligence and utilize it to excel. By enhancing your emotional intelligence through Aware Leadership practices, you can stand out as a leader and create a more positive, productive and more importantly sustainble work environment.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and understand your emotions, allowing you to more effectively manage those emotions and hence your behavior. It represents the difference between average and high-performing leaders in today’s business world.


It is all about your strategy. This service includes the option of various formats advisory to every level of your organization for the purpose of linking strategic direction and priorities to day-to-day jobs.

At Carpe Momentum Advisory™, we understand that it’s all about your strategy. That’s why our services include various advisory formats to every level of your organization. We help link your strategic direction and priorities to your day-to-day jobs, ensuring that you are making progress towards your long-term goals.

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