September 15, 2016

Carpe Momentum Advisory™ Services

  • Support the development and deployment of new processes and tools
  • Identify risks and opportunities for service improvement
  • Enable collaboration among subject matter experts, particularly IT ↔ Business
  • Continuous improvement driver and facilitator
  • Enable and facilitate cross group and single group business analysis
  • Lead and facilitate complex process or project and program improvement efforts
  • Support efficient integration of new regulatory requirements
  • Lead, coordinate & facilitate cross team business transformation efforts
  • Empower and support employees, (senior) leaders and individuals alike

Leadership Coaching and Advisory

Aware Leadership™ | Mindful Leadership | Emotional Intelligence | Strategy

  • Aware Leadership™ is extending mindful leadership by deepened understanding and reflection. Expanding skillful effort and evenness and extending appropriate communication, action and livelihood.
  • Supporting leadership excellence by fostering focus, creativity, clarity and compassion through the practice of Mindul Leaderhsip
  • Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and understand your emotions, allowing you to more effectively manage those emotions and hence your behavior. It represents the difference between average and high-performing leaders in today’s business world. With the Aware Leadership framework Carpe Momentum Advisory can help improve your organization, teams and leaders emotional intelligence.
  • Our Strategy advisory is all about your strategy. This service includes the option of various formats of advisory to every level of your organization for the purpose of linking strategic direction and priorities to day-to-day activities in your organization.