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Sustainable Change – Evaluation Copy

Mindful and Aware Leadership – Evaluation Copy

Chaordic Stepping Stones Introduction – Evaluation Copy

Leadership Competencies Evaluation Copy

Best Practice Toolbox Evaluation Copy

Cobit5 – Evaluation Copy

Lean Six Sigma – Evaluation Copy

PMI PMBOK – Evaluation Copy

PMI Program Mgmt. – Evaluation Copy

Carpe Momentum Advisory – Evaluation Material Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the review of the evaluation copies provided (“evaluation material”) provided by Carpe Momentum Advisory – Andreas Metzen. Any violation of the following terms is strictly prohibited.

The evaluation material is owned by Carpe Momentum Advisory – Andreas Metzen(“CMA”) and all right, title and interest therein is vested solely in CMA.

Recipient will use the evaluation material only for the purpose of evaluation it and to provide comments and feedback relative thereto to CMA.

The evaluation material , or any portion thereof, may not be copied by Recipient and may not be distributed to, or made available for the use by, any party other than Recipient, unless, in each case, Recipient has obtained the prior written authorization of CMA prior to such copying and/or distribution.

Recipient will have 60 days from the date of receipt to evaluate the evaluation material, after which it will promptly return or delete the evaluation material and all authorized copies to CMA. Such time period may be extended only with the consent of CMA.

Recipient will not conduct any training, or use of the evaluation material for any purpose other than for evaluation purposes, with first becoming a member in good standing of the CMA or without first obtaining  a license from CMA to use the evaluation material for the intended purpose.

All information about the evaluation material will be held strictly confidential and Recipients will not disclose any content of the evaluation material to any other party without first obtaining the consent of CMA.

The terms “Carpe Momentum Advisory” and “Aware Leadership” is a trademark of CMA and may not be used in any manner by Recipient or any other party with the prior approval of CMA.

Any copying or use of the evaluation material except as set forth above is strictly prohibited.

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