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Workshops and Event Moderation

Customized Moderation Services for Your Workshops and Events

When it comes to discussions and workshops, it’s important that all participants are able to actively participate and contribute their ideas. Our in-house resources are your employees, and we aim to have them participate in discussions and workshops as much as possible. Our experienced moderators ensure that your workshops and events run smoothly and achieve the desired results.

At our organization, we believe that a good moderator is quickly accepted by the group and understands the concerns of the participants. Our moderators are skilled in recognizing the personal qualities of participants and moderating them along a group-dynamic process to the desired or deliberately open-ended result.

In change processes, a moderator is a crucial asset to the team. They can intervene when conversations are frustrated, help to straighten out emotional moments, and moderate through lulls. Even in top management workshops or project meetings, our moderators are always perceived as a gain.

For larger groups, we offer profitable formats such as World Café and Open Space Technology, which use innovative techniques to guide your discussions towards the desired results. Our workshops and event moderation services can be customized to support any aspect of change management, from organizational design to process improvement, and everything in between.

I am also offering seminars on my Aware Leadership Aware Leadership™ seminars body of knowledge.

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